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Miner John


Hi, All!
It's been a busy new year for Miner John Designs/Razorback Coils.  I now have several models of Minelab coils available, as well as some new Miner John Designs coils.  The feedback on my coils has been all positive, and I am grateful to all my coil testers out there, as well as customers who have gotten back to me.

Some of my Miner John Designs coils are now available at the largest White's distributership in Australia, GoldSearch Australia, as well as Razorback Longreach coils still being available in Australia through Brian Bateson.  You can also now purchase some of my MJD TDI coils through Jimmy Sierra Products upon request, as well.  See my links page for their contact information.

Miner John

Hi, All!  Just a quick update on what's been happening at Razorback/Miner John Designs.  You'll notice that many of the coils (not all) come stock with coil covers for the same price as before.  I've also now added a new 9 x 14 inch coil for the Minelab detectors, other sizes to follow soon. 

I've also put several coils on sale for inventory reduction, so take advantage of this while it lasts!

Miner John

Well, folks, it's been one whole year since I took over ownership of Razorback Coils, and so far it's been great!  I love the support of my customers and the great input I've gotten over this past year.  Recently I've done 2 interviews that can be found on my links page.  One was with Relic Roundup and the other with Let's Talk Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting.  So if you want to hear me talk about detecting and products, feel free to tune in. 

I've started to offer all of the coils on this site available with free shipping to not only the U.S., but Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the European Union.  That includes the Razorback Longreach Series coils that were formerly only available in Australia.  You can still get them there through my distributor, but now you can also order them direct from this site and through eBay.

Miner John

SALE!  I've started a "For the Love of Treasure" sale for the rest of the month of February.  Most of the coils are 20% off, so take advantage of it, and get one of the best coils you'll ever use!

Coming soon will be protective coil covers, aka skid plates, for all the coils I build.  Watch for them!

Happy detecting, and Happy Valentine's Day!

Miner John

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all and may this year's treasure hunting fruitful! I hope my products are helping you with that, too!

I will be adding several new products soon.  I now have the pleasure of not only building Razorback Coils' standard and Longreach series, the Miner John Designs coils, but am now also building the "Jimmy" and the "Digger" coils for Jimmy Sierra Products (which work on the White's TDI line of detectors as well).  All the coils are built with the same high quality materials and standards, so the only differences are name, color, function, and sizes.  

Freely offer your feedback, comments, and/or questions - I'd love to hear from you!

Miner John

Hello, all fellow detectorists!  This is Miner John.  I've been working really hard for the last few months on Razorback coils.  All of the Razorback coils will be slightly re-designed with improved mounting ears and thickness.  I've upgraded all of the cables and the interior shielding for better performance and less falsing.  There is also a new line of coils, "Miner John Designs", that I've developed in a solid coil design for less snagging while detecting.  There is also a line of coils that will be available in Australia only called the Australian "Longreach" TDI series.  Contact the Australian TDI distributor for details.  There is a link on this page.

I've also been re-designing all of the control box covers for a much improved fit and ease of use.  Check the catalog regularly for new additions coils and other products, because I am testing the designs and reliability before they are available for sale to you.

I am Miner John, The new owner of Razorback coils. By way of introduction, I 've been mainly a gold hunter since my early teens and become a gold detectorist in 1990. In the last 5 years it has been my main profession. So with that said , since 1990 I have used almost every brand detector and coil out there.
I currently own 8 different detectors and many different brands of coils. If I have any knowledge weakness, it would be in coin and relic hunting. I do participate in this and am constantly learning about that aspect of the hobby. So I look forward to our communications to share knowledge I have, and to learn from all of you as well!
Razorback C
oils is getting ever so closer to full production readiness. Jason and I have been working together the past three weeks. Jason's products and designs are some of the best products available, which is why I am excited and privileged that he has allowed me to carry on with his quality line of coils. I will strive to continue to offer you all the high quality you are used to from Razorback, as well as some new products and possible innovations.
Miner John

Hello guys/gals,
Jason here. It has been awhile since I have posted any new things up. I have been burning the candle at both ends and have been wrapped up deep into another project/hobby of mine. I have decided to move onto the new project and pass Razorback coils onto a friend. His name is John. You will see him on the forum as Minerjohn and he will be bringing some new products and info and enthusiasm to the TDI world. I will be hanging around in the background for awhile to help out and I will be spending a bunch of time with him getting him dialed in on the way I build the coils. He brings a long time background in detecting to this so he knows detectors and knows finding gold. He will be sure to post some great pictures for you guys as well.
If you have an order in with me over the last few weeks know that it is coming from me shortly if you have not already gotten it. But if you order during the next few weeks you need to hang in there while we move the shop and tools to his location and get everything set back up. I will work along side John during this time to build coils and train him up so he can ship out the quality you have come to expect.
It has been one heck of a ride for me and I have met many many new friends. I am sad to move on yet eager to focus on my new projects. I will still be out detecting but am shifting back to coin hunting for awhile!

John will chime in very shortly with his introduction and best wishes to him and everyone I have been blessed to work with.

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